Squveeze your timbits

For the longest time I thought turnout depended on the placement of your feet and I tried and tried to get my feet to splay out all the way, and to touch toe to heel in fifth position. But finally, a few years ago, after umpteen years of F. telling us to "tuck your derrières under" and a goodly number of years of J. telling us to "tuck your rears under" and a fair number of years of U. telling us to "sqveeze your timbits," it finally dawned on me: ah, turnout starts at the hip joint… and the hip joint obeys the gluteus maximus…. and when you squeeze the gluteus maximus as hard as you can all the time… voilá, turnout.

The butt muscles are huge and hard to work — but, man, they rule the roost.

Sorry about that, ankles.

Ze feet: Nothing to be learned here.

Turnout Exhibit A: note how the butt is not poking out to the rear and the back of the thigh is endeavouring to face forward.

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