Ifs, ands, butts

So, further on the butt:

Even though these butts are ripped (well, several of them are), they are not clenched in a way that will enhance turnout. See how the butt is well behind the waist in each case? And see the dent in the front where leg meets torso? (well, we can’t see the pale girl’s or the wide girl’s dents but they are also the least ripped butts so chances are not good that they are dentless)

So I have to conclude that these girls do not have very good turnout (although I don’ t think they care too much about their turnout).

But kudos to them for having some muscle definition there, because the butt is the laziest sonofabitch on the whole body. Even though I have known in my head about the squveezing for a couple of years, my butt will go AWOL at the slightest opportunity. It will not keep its position if left unsupervised. If I try to work on something else, like keeping my shoulders down or keeping my fingers from fanning or trying to get in that third grande ronde en l’air during the fast part of the ronde de jambe, I will awake to find that my butt is chillaxin’ its guts out.

Part of the problem may be that I just don’t have the brains to run more than one body part at a time, but I do think the butt has a poor work ethic, inherently.

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