Sweaty woman / Walkin’ down the street

On Saturday I was really sweaty at the end of class, and it surprised me because I realized that I had not been that sweaty in ages — whereas for many years I used to take a lot of pride in being thoroughly drenched after ballet. I remember U. saying many years ago that N. would be soaked at the end of pliés, which was a sign of how hard he was working, so I was glad when I started showing dampness by the time we got to ronde de jambe en l’air (or whatever — not yet during pliés for me).

So then I’m wondering — why haven’t I been sweating? Is that good or bad? We started a mostly new class last fall, so maybe we spent a lot of weeks just getting the exercises right (which slows everything down) and that was after a long lay-off last summer when everyone went to St. Petersburg; and then winter came along, so the room is cooler — and Marleesh and Andromeda have been in class a few times each this year so there are longer rests between things as they ask questions or start discussions.

A few theories on Saturday’s sweatiness:

A, I made it there in time to do the whole class (but I usually do on Saturday… I’m making a real effort not to be late for every single class, because two years ago I developed an excruciating pain in both heels — at the back of the heel, where those horizontal lines are… it made it impossible to rest my heels on the barre. I googled and googled and googled and finally diagnosed myself as having retrocalcaneal bursitis. The exercises recommended online to relieve this condition were basically (wait for it) —  the plié and the tendu. I was like, fuck me, I’ve given myself this by not making it to class till ronde de jambe à terre. Now whether I was correct or not, I don’t know, but after a few weeks of on-time-ishness, my heels stopped bothering me).

Second, on Saturday I was wearing a bodysuit with sleeves under my thickest knit unitard (which means I am scraping the bottom of the ballet laundry barrel). And I had on socks (because my shoes are new and also one of the elastics is being held in place by a safety pin).

Furthermore, no windows were open and, strangely enough, the heat was on in the room — "strange" because Andromeda wasn’t there and she is the only one who ever complains about being too cold…. the rest of us are usually agitating to get the heat off and the windows open even in the deepest darkest.

And D, at the same time since neither Andromeda nor Marleesh was there, things moved along at a good pace.

So I wonder if I was sweaty because I was working hard, which means by default that I have not been working that hard for the last four months, or if I was physically more efficient last fall and am now out of shape, overdressed, and cool-air-deprived.

I know that Andromeda has looked at me with concern many a time when I ‘ve been dripping as though to say: "What’s the matter with you? Hung over? About to have a heart attack?"

Heavy sweat can go either way: it’s a sign of being very fit or or of being very unfit.

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