I was really late getting to class last night — there was no parking in all the downtown core — I finally gave up and went into the underground parking under the mall — and even there they had closed off the whole east half, so I still had to walk about three blocks to the studio.

The class was already doing dégagé! U. made me do my own little pliés and tendus while they finished the dégagé, which she hardly ever makes me do (and I wouldn’t have minded joining in on the dégagé because we’re doing a cute one right now). But I was really late… the next thing was adage, so she had to make me do the preps.

Adage is always a killer but the one we are doing right now is brutal… BRUTAL. It’s slow développé in every bloody direction, on straight leg then on plié, what feels like 32 of them without ever putting down the leg…. and then it ends with écarté in both directions.

Ecarté absolutely kills me on its own. And it has snuck into way too many of our barre combinations, grr. Actually, I feel guilty about this because I think U. has added them on account of my complaining about them so bitterly. Well, it’s not that I complain so much, but that when I come out of them I can’t remember my name or respond to questioning. U. loves it when we express hatred for particular exercises.

Ecarté is beautiful when done correctly.

Really beautiful.

We were doing ours with the leg in the air, as in the second image (ahahaha), rather than à terre, like the first.

However, we probably look more like this:

and this:

with our feet about two inches higher in the air.

Wait, what am I saying — Snow White was there tonight…. she has beautiful extension.

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