Sharks vs. Jets …er, Swans

Saturday was sort of a "median" class — Sarka wasn’t there, but GJ and Snow White were, and so were Nolia and Jtinia (after a long absence??? Jtinia might have been recovering from an injury, it seemed from something she said), so U. had a nice core of young adults, plus the two young’uns, Dasha and Olla, plus Aleesha and me (the older but semi-competent). This is a good mix — it makes for a class that is not too slow, but not too exhausting.

The thing about the extra highschool girls (Nolia and Jtinia) is the difference in energy level. They work pretty hard but every once in a while they get hysterical over something. For example, on Saturday, Jtinia suddenly leapt to the window from the barre and screamed, "They’re ganging up on that kid!" I could see even from where I was at the back that there was a snowball fight going on in the parking lot across the street (it was still broad daylight), but, from the way the other girls nearest the window started laughing when they rushed over, I could tell it was just a fun fight. Nevertheless, Jtinia threw up the window and yelled, "Leave that kid alone!" at the top of her lungs, and slammed the window shut. By then I had got to the window. The miscreants down below were all adolescent boys, fairly coolly dressed. I had to conclude that Jtinia wasn’t really worried about the "victim"’s welfare — she just felt like shocking some cute boys who were horsing around by appearing dramatically at a second-storey window in a bare little bodysuit.

But, whatever, it was fun, because the look on those boys’ faces was priceless. They (four or five of them, counting the "victim") were literally paralyzed when they looked up and saw where the yelling came from.

It must have been weird.

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