Petit splatment

So this is what I get for sticking to the slippery part of the floor — I did an ass-plant following a fouetté at the barre in class today. It didn’t hurt at all because I had my hand out, but the hand-slapping made a huge noise.

Actually, a couple of hours later now, my elbow is feeling like it was over overextended — I must have jarred the joint.

I guess I fall a lot in class (luckily never in a performance)… I’ve fallen at least three times in 15 years of U.’s class, for example, which is more than anyone else I can think of (although I imagine the wee kids go down quite a bit). I don’t recall getting badly hurt ever, although I once fell at the barre when we were up on the top floor of the Studio 33 building and scraped the back of my shoulder on a switchbox, a gash which then got infected and took a while to heal. I still have the scar.

But when you add up the falling and the mirror-cracking… yeah, I’ve been a bit of a bull in a china shop.

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