Pirouette, gentille pirouette

It’s funny — just a day or two before wiping out in class and thus losing any credibility I might have had with recent newcomers like Ch. (I have none with the oldcomers, lol), I was thinking that I ought to set myself a single ballet goal to focus on, and had decided it would be to do a decent pirouette.

So the irony was that I wiped out on a fouetté turn (above), which is a kind of way of doing a pirouette, but, to me, anyway, an easy way. I wasn’t even thinking of the pirouette goal when I splatted, because it was just a fouetté … and it was at the barre! I think of a fouetté as an easy turn because throwing that leg out and whipping it around makes turning unavoidable, and because all that action makes it difficult for your teacher to see whether you are holding things correctly, keeping your weight forward, etc. The slacker’s pirouette!

No, what I want to be able to do consistently and on demand is one single pirouette from fifth. Just up, around, and down, without fanfare, in the centre. You’ve got to be hella rigid and self-contained.

I "do" pirouettes now, of course, but I’m faking them, as is everyone else in the class. But it dawned on me that if I work hard on this it will probably help everything else.

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