Spring countdown

So the Saturday class has been so crowded for the last three weeks because everyone is getting geared up for the recital and U. is rehearsing them all together, little kids and adults, after the intermediate class.

Yesterday, Ape and Serg showed up just before the intermediate class to have U. critique a pas de deux they put together. My eyes bugged out of my head when I saw Ape milling around in the dressing area, and then I was even more surprised to see that she had been working with Serg on a dance piece. Did they all defect to somewhere else? (There was a diva-like exodus of a bunch of dancers who had been with U. as long or longer than I two years ago, following the February recital. Serg wasn’t in that group per se, but he’d been coming faithfully for a year or two, then had disappeared around the same time. I heard later that he had been exploiting U. for his folk dance shows.) Did Veet put this together for them?

The pas de deux was nice, I thought — Ape and Serg kept coming together and falling apart in ever more dramatic ways to a bluesy Whitney Houston-style song. There were only two noticeably weird bits — one where they seemed to be doing a "sailor, sailor, go so fast" move for a few seconds, and one where they were rapidly stamping side by side in the way the kids "dance" in A Charlie Brown Christmas. "Peppers!" But I guess these were nods to modern dance.

Otherwise, it was a nice pas de deux with lots of highlights — lots of cool lifts — and they were a confident couple.

Although Serg was wearing Chinese pajamas and jazz shoes, while Ape was in a body suit and toe shoes. Well, who knows where he was beforehand.

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