That Sync-ing Feeling

It’s amazing how, in a class full of students who have taken dance for a long time, and some of whom take or teach aerobics, and some of whom are music students, and some of whom are music teachers, it’s amazing how very few of my classmates are able to do our barre exercises in time with the music. Especially since we’ve been doing the same class with the same music for 10 months. And especially since recorded music for ballet classes is the most guiding music ever — those piano notes are metronome-steady. ::shakes head::

I guess partially it’s because some people in the class rush through and a lot of other people follow them, but partially it’s because — I think — some people believe you can never change the timing of a plié or a port de bras. It must be that they feel once they’ve done them at one pace in an exercise, they must do them at that pace in all subsequent exercises, even though the music’s faster or slower.

It baffles me.

I do everything in time to the music and never run out of it or need more, but often I’m the only one doing so and U. will sometimes get caught up in the mistiming of the majority and try to rush me.

Of course, you always win when you close on the final piano note.

But U. never lets me bask in that.

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