Neeeples to the sun!

LOL — "neeeples to the sun!" is such a by-word in our class that I’m afraid of spelling it correctly even phonetically, for if any of my classmates ever googled "nip*les to the sun" they would find this journal and my cover would be blown.

U. is constantly shouting "sqveeze your timbits!" and "shulldahs!," but even more than those two instructions she likes to holler "Neeeples to the sun, gulls!!" It always makes me laugh — and especially because U. finds new and ever more dramatic ways to yell it out, or to yell its short form, "Neeeeples!!" It’s hilarious.

But it’s also very important to the look of what you’re doing. In fact, I thought briefly of ranking it higher in importance than keeping the shoulders down… but, no. You can get away with your neeeples pointing straight ahead, or even down, but you can never get away with hunched shoulders. The two efforts are very close, though. Butt squeezing forward, shoulders pulling down and chest pushing "to the sun" are the holy trinity of the ballet aesthetic. It just plain looks good, especially if the dancer is overdoing all three … although it’s actually impossible to "overdo" any of the three (zing, there’s your Zen).


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