Annual buzz

The ballet school’s spring recital was on Sunday and by all reports was a great success. The theme was "Little Miss Muffet," a short, kind of plotless story — but many venerated full-length ballets have been based on less, lol.

Everyone was some kind of insect — there were bees, butterflies, fireflies, mosquitos (and I think snails), and GJ was a spider — a great, fighting spider. I overheard them talking about her fighting So-and-So (played by Mario), a character I don’t recall from the Miss Muffet rhyme… but, again, that’s typical of ballets! Heh. You play with the source material until you get a decent range of dancing happening.

I didn’t take part in the recital because of a family party, but I loved seeing all the kids in class for the past month… the new piles of costumes Tanis brought in each week… the poster-making… the mounting excitement.

Now that it’s over, the classes are back to normal size, and will get smaller and smaller as people take off for holidays, until finally U. and company themselves go to Russia and we stop for six weeks.

It’s bittersweet — I kind of look forward to the break from hard labour but I will really miss the class after a week or two.

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