Like qveen

So GJ was back taking classes a week later and is pretty much right up to speed. Her neck brace actually makes her look quite regal — "like qveen!" as U. often shrieks at us when she wants to focus on the head and décolletage.

GJ looks a bit like Anne Boleyn, but mostly she looks like a young Isabella Rossellini.

I was surprised to find a lot of neck-oriented photos of Isabella

and a drawing of a girl in a neck brace who looks like Isa and GJ

but GJ’s neck brace is much more Robocop.

Nonetheless, as I say, it gives her a good look for ballet… when U. screams at us "look at reest!" during écarté devant, GJ only has to glance up. It makes U. laugh, actually, when she does that.

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