Dégagé daymare

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U. hasn’t changed the music for our class this year, but she’s changing the individual exercises one by one. The last three or four weeks, we’ve been doing a battement dégagé that is like a bat out of hell. I am breathless by the end of it… and there’s still an hour to go at that point.

So weird to be fried by a wee dégagé… this is one of the warm-up exercises at the beginning of class, following plié and tendu, and normally it’s easy and painless. Things don’t usually get arduous in U.’s class till we get to ronde de jambe en l’air.

But now we’ve got this new dégagé that is seven kicks in each direction en croix, which is done to about two counts of music per direction, and it is way too fucking fast for anyone in the class. We look like a bunch of blenders on “purée,” and we’re all gasping by the end.

Wah wah wah ;^)

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