When I’m Calling You-oo-oo-ooo

A few Tuesday nights ago, the class consisted of Celine Dion (who usually goes to an earlier class), Kohawnie, Kaleesha, GJ, Pocahontas and me. (Swannie, Andromeda, Snow White and Mary Poppins weren’t there that night …and actually haven’t been in a while, come to think of it.)

U. renames everyone at will. When you’re new, you might get something generic — like “Blond” (which I got when I first started taking her classes at the university) or “Small” or, if you’re wearing dance clothes that stick out in a sea of black, “Blue” or “Purple.”

If you keep coming to class, U. will naturally learn your name, but she’ll also give you a sobriquet if you look like a celebrity or even a well-known fictional character.

These are amazingly accurate: Celine Dion really does look like Céline Dion — she could pass as her double. Snow White and Mary Poppins really do look like Snow White and Mary Poppins. But, more than anybody else, Pocahontas looks amazingly like the Disney Pocahontas. She’s a frigging live version of the animated character. You’d swear she was the model for the animators.

So pretty!

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