We’re back baybay…we’re five classes in, in fact, and U. is starting to crank it up.

Ahh, so great to have it back.

The only weird thing about ballet lately is trying to get into the building for classes. The historic building next door is being restored and all the streets surrounding the block have been caged in and completely torn up… and I mean completely. The road bed is gone and there are ten-foot-deep closet-shaped holes bristling with pipes and cables all up and down KW Street.

So to get to class from some far-off parking spot you have to wind your way through a maze of caged-off dirt paths and edge along building walls on the cut-back sidewalks for ages and ages, it seems. It’s quite the obstacle course.

Makes it all kind of edgy and theatrical, though.

Heh heh, we don’t do anything with a calypso beat in class (but we once did back in the day).

Image: Dane Shitagi, Ballerina Project: Alex — Manhattan Bridge, 2010

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2 Responses to Apocalypso

  1. audrey says:

    hi there! i posted the lobster roll recipe you requested. thank you so much for reading! and i’ll now be obsessively reading your blog. . . i’ve always wished i’d stuck with ballet (i quit when i was like 4, so who knows what would have been!) xo audrey

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